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Normandy Campsite Château de Lez-Eaux History

Lez-Eaux campsite, a family five 5 stars campsite nearby Granville

A historical site turned into a place for unforgettable holidays in the heart of the Norman countryside.

You will be able to relax in quiet environment a few kilometers from sandy beaches of the Mount saint Michel’s bay.

Lez-Eaux campsite offers all you need for successful romantic or family holidays : peacefulness, an idyllic setting in the castle park and activities for everyone : covered swimming pool, playground areas and animation during the summer.

Choose amoung a large range of camping pitches, chalets, mobile-home and treehouses.

The domain of Lez-Eaux is part of a family history.

The original property dates from the late fifteenth century. The construction of the castle started a little bit before the French Revolution and there are still some structures left. The property is actually a central building within the campsite.

The fishing pond is a natural one which was reassembled in 1850.

In 1865, the De la Varde family became the owner of the domain, when Monsieur Poitiers de la Varde who was the great-great-grandfather of Cécile de la Varde (the current manager of the campsite) inherited the castle.

From the Castle to the campsite, the creation of an exceptional holiday park

In 1960, Monsieur Michel de la Varde opened the domain to the campers and joined the Castel’s chain. The site opened as a 4 stars campsite with toilets and traditional pitches.

The campsite of Lez-Eaux had been one of the first to join the chain Castels in 1960.

In 1977, Nicolas de la Varde and his wife Brigitte took over the campsite. They elaborated new projects such as mobiles-homes (1977), the outdoor pool (1979), chalets and the indoor pool had been built step by step.

In 2006, Nicolas Poitier de la Varde’s daughter, Cécile, took over the direction of the campsite and has been working in co-management with her father since.

In 2009, a pool was added within the indoor water park and to refurbish the bar.

The treehouses known as Dam’oiseaux (2009) and Butterfly (2011) are built in the old oak trees of the campsite.

In 2011, the campsite got the 5 stars certification. In 2012, Cécile who is Nicolas & Brigitte’s daughter is the third generation of the family to take over the castle and the domain.

The first private jacuzzi were set in 2013. Some of them are embeded in the terrace of the accommodation.

At the end of 2015, the wooden terrace in front of the bar and take-away meals is replaced by a pretty paved terrace.

During that winter, the camspite amended the facilities so that the campsite is now entirely accessible for disabled people : the swimming pool, the services, toilet blocks… 2 accommodation are especially designed to make easier the holidays for a disabled person.

Since, each year we develop the range of accommodation. The oldest ones are replaced by very new and luxurious ones : Premium and Jacuzzi mobile homes.

Etymology of Lez-Eaux

What is the root of the name « Lez-Eaux » ?

In old french « lez » means « near », or « near the waters ».

In deed, the domain of Lez-Eaux is surrounded by watercourse and lakes you will be able to enjoy.