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Reserve your visits in the Mount Saint Michael’s bay

In order to make you stay easier, you have the possibility to reserve tickets for the activities of your choice through our establishment in La Manche.

Book directly with the campsite your visits, boat return, tckets so that you will take the most of Normandy


A return trip to the Channel islands

An hour and a half away from Granville, you can discover the pretty English-speaking island of Jersey. A big change of scenery. Book your boat trip at the campsite reception, you need an ID or passeport.

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Chausey archipelago and the bay of Mont saint Michel

This area of Granville is 17 Km away from the mainland. These islands are unique in Europe. Nature is preserved and a stunning beauty.

You can book your return to the islands, the tour of the archipelago with boat or a tour of the bay of Mont saint Michel. Dogs are allowed with an extra.

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Crossing the Bay of Mont Saint Michel

Crossing the bay of Mont Saint Michel by foot is an unforgettable experience : barefooted and accompanied by a guide.

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Mount Saint Michael’s Abbey

There is Mount Saint Michael, bay of Mount Saint Michael but also the Abbey of Mount Saint Michael. At the top of the Mount ; the abbey offer an unique view on its bay. The abbey is UNESCO classified as the world heritage. The visit is free for people under 26 years old.

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Champrépus Zoo

The zoo participates in various European Rearing Projects to help save endangered species
Come and discover : the African Zone, the Madagascan Zone, the Tropical Zone, domestic and exotic animals…
Both adults and children will leave the zoo filled with wonder…

Get special price at the campsite.
9€ per child (between 3 and 12 years old) instead of 11€50
15€50 per adulte (more of 12 years old) instead of 17€50

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Prévithal thalassotherapy institute

In this seawater therapy centre facing the sea, you will find :
a balneotherapy area (sea water swimming pool, walking pool, saunas, aqua gym lessons), a fitness area (weights room, stretching, step lessons.), a relaxation area (Turkish baths, sea water spa,.), personalised beauty treatments,… .

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Granville Golf course

Granville golf course is a 27-hole links created in 1912. Just behind the dunes and the sea, it is a real Scottish type links.

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La cité de la mer

An unusual visit through the oceans! A unique complex dedicated to the deep sea and its conquest.The Redoutable, the largest visitable submarine in the world. Titanic exhibition, the abyssal aquarium, from light down into the dark depths… .

Get special price at the campsite.
11€50 per child (more of 5 years old) instead of 13€
16€50 per adulte instead of 18€

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Ecomuseum about the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

Near the Southern Pointe du grointe, the ecomuseum of the Bay of Mont saint Michel offers an impressive exhibition.
You will understand everything about the UNESCO wolrd heritage site.

The visit provides films, scale models, and interactive terminals explaining the history of the incredible landscapes of the Bay. You will also discover the life of the “famous” animals living or passing by the bay and understand the ancient craftworks.

Special rate available at the reception

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Our team is available to advice and make your booking for your visits

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